Our Team

Mohamed Jahir Hussain

Mohamed Jahir Hussain, Director

30+ years of experience in Business Management, Real Estate, Distribution Business, Manufacturing, Import & Export, Distribution Marketing & Distribution Channels. Started his entrepreneurial career in 1991, becoming the distributor for Hindustan Lever’s product line for two districts in Southern India. The business produced ₹ 93 lakhs per month, covering 1600 outlets. Managing Director/Partner of NaRDil Enterprise, a construction-support service company, for 13+ years. Instrumental in growing NaRDil from a small group of 15 people to a large 250-people enterprise.

Aravindhan Thayaparan

Aravindhan Thayaparan, Director

Aravind was a Senior Global Executive at Apple Inc. with extensive experience in high-profile project management, and international operations in the Real Estate, Retail, Hospitality, Construction sectors for over 30 years. Driven by passion for Farming, in 2018, Aravind co-founded Ramara Farms LLC, a venture that now owns & operates 1,500+ acres of almond and walnut orchards in California. He is currently steering Ramara’s strategic expansion into India and other international markets.

Ramesh Nagarajah

Ramesh Nagarajah, Director

Comes with vast knowledge in Global Business Development, Strategy, Mentoring, Marketing, Sales, & Client Relationships. Founder & Chairman of NaRDil Enterprise (established in 2005), a successful 250-people construction-support service company operating. Sprouting from a successful global farming family, thoroughly familiar with the characteristics of the Almond and Walnut plants, its generation and growth, the diseases and blights to which it is susceptible, and the methods of controlling them, to produce a quality product.

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